Story about a School That have a Rules. Every Male Student That Have a Long Hair. (More Than 5 cm). Will Be Shaved In Place. In Order To Maintaining a Peaceful Life In School. The School Called This Operation by "Razia". You Don't Wan't it Happen To You. So. You Must Flee From That Crazy Teacher That Always Bring The Scissors All Over The School. You Must Survive As Long As You Can.

I Dont Know. But I Have Tested It For 1 Week And I Still Can't Complete The Game. Cuz It Will Suck. You Will Lose In This Game A LOT. So. At Least. You Need More Than 1 Week To Complete The Game.

Special Thanks
All My Friends in TKJ 2. For Inspiring Me For Creating This Game. :P.
FYI : All Names, Story, Images, Place. Is Based On True Story. But The Places Name Spelled With A Little Puns :P.


Download The Game !.

Small Ver : Only For Supported Android Device. Tested Android 7 & 8. For Non-Supported One. Use Universal Ver. Hopefully It Will Work In All Android Devices.


v 1.1
- Some Type Has Been Fixed.
- New Feature.
- Now When It Sunday, Only Things You Do Is Sleep.
- Fix When You Ask "Arizal" In Game, He Will No More Answering You With Bad Puns.
- Removed Feature : Hiding In Women Bathroom. :P
- If You Put An Empety Name, You Will Given A Random Name Instead.

v 1.0
- First Release... :D.